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how-to-play-piano-online-courseMy name is Jan. I live in a lovely town in the middle of a beautiful island called Ireland. I’m in my late 40s, and although I spent 4 years in a school of music of some sort from when I was 10 to 14, I am mostly self taught. In this modern era of the Internet, you can easily access tutorials on Google and YouTube, hence learn faster and play better.
Back in my days, it wasn’t this easy. Unfortunately, most websites that offer tutorials will offer just a few basic lessons or will want to collect email addresses so as to sell some products. Fortunately, I have made your work much easier by reviewing a number of courses so as to separate the best from the rest. After a thorough review, I settled on one course that I found to be the best and most useful. You will find it on this site. Its lessons are high-quality and have clear demonstrations that are easy to follow. You can therefore be assured of learning, developing your skills and mastering the piano. .