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How to play piano?

Whether you are just a beginner or are extremely gifted in music, you can learn and master the piano. All that is required of you is the willingness to put in time and effort, and a positive mental attitude. You’ll also need to take a good piano course that lays the journey for you in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner so as to enable you make steady progress.

Here are some tips that will be of great help as you learn how to play the piano:

  1. Learn the piano notes

Notes can be described as the alphabet of music. Just as you mastered written and spoken language by first learning the alphabet, your journey to becoming an expert piano player should start by getting a good understanding of notes. Start of by learning the basic 38 notes on the staff. Take your time and learn each note, and where to find it on the keys.

  1. Learn the piano keys

You should familiarize yourself with the piano keyboard. Learn the keys layout, note names and finger numbers. Teach yourself how to fit fingers and move them as you play. A good hand position and sitting position will be of great help.

  1. Play easy songs

Play Do-Re-Mi and other easy songs that can be played with only one hand, such as Jingle Bells. Master the keys and the counts for the notes on the music sheet.

  1. Master timing and connecting the notes

On the music sheet, the count that each note should receive is indicated. Make sure you master how long a key should be held down. You should then work on connecting the notes and playing them in quick succession.

  1. Practice

The key to becoming a better pianist is constant practicing. Practice up to that point where you are fully confident in your knowledge on music notes and piano keys. You can then go on to playing songs that require you to use both hands.

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